Coaching Information

For further information on the following coaching tips click on the blue links below.

SPIR Method for Teaching Skills: Show, Practice, Instruct and Reward  – SPIR is a teaching method to effectively coach children.

Characteristics of a Good Teacher/Coach: Learn communication strategies and positive approaches to effectively coach children

Characteristics of Children: Be aware of the physical, emotional, social and skill-learning characteristics of children and learn how to cater for each.

When to Introduce New Skills: Advice on when to teach kids new skills and download the Skills Introduction Chart.

Why Children Play Sport: Reasons why kids play sport and ways to maintain their enthusiasm.

Coaching Female Auskick?: Use  the Fast Facts sheet to help you develop your Auskickers’ football skills, keep them happy and active. If you follow the tips you will enjoy your coaching more, especially if this is your first coaching experience. Apply the points into coaching sessions and watch your Auskickers gain a love of AFL and be active.

Female Football Pathway: Updated Information on the Talent Pathway for female football.

Football Parents: Practical advice on understanding why parents may be difficult and unobjective plus answers to their top 10 commonly asked questions.

Kids Appreciate Parent Involvement: Understand the benefits to children when their parents get involved in their sport and get tips on how to get parents on side.

Winning and Losing in Junior Sport: Advice for youth coaches on how to ensure undue emphasis is not placed on junior teams winning or losing.

Teaching Kids to Kick: Tips on teaching 5-8 year olds

Goal Kicking – Coaching Younger Players: High Performance Coach Paul Hudson goes through the technique, routine, practice and drills of teaching kids to kick goals

Coaching Young Players – Dean Bailey: Preparing and developing young players to maximise their potential is a team effort as former Melbourne coach Dean Bailey explains.

Playing Like a Pro Videos: Matthew Lloyd and Garry Lyon introduce the Playing Like a Pro video series which shows AFL players such as Buddy Franklin, Scott Pendlebury and Alan Didak teaching kids fundamental skills such as kicking, marking, handballing, picking up the ball
and ball handling

Coaching Kids with Disablities: NAB AFL Auskick coordinator, Michael Solomon explains the unique coaching program he has developed for young Tyler Fishlock, who lost his sight to cancer