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Auskick Combine Day

The NAB AFL Auskick combine is all about NAB AFL Auskick centres running a fun skills day in one of the final weeks of their program. It’s part of the Passport whereby participants can keep a record of their achievements.

Below is just a guide for coordinators to run some skills activities.

AFL Long Bomb Competition

The Long Bomb event requires participants to kick the football as far as possible within a 20 metre corridor. Participants have 3 kicks with the kick landing furthest distance from the kicking line being judged the best.

Long Bomb Rules

  • Each player has 3 kicks, the longest kick being counted
  • The ball must land in a corridor which is 20m wide.
  • The ball must be kicked from behind the line.

AFL Kick To Kick Competition

The Kick to Kick event requires participants to kick the ball with a partner back and forth over a set distance for a period of five minutes. Pairs count the number of successful kicks at the end of that time with a successful kick deemed one that is marked behind the line.

Kick To Kick Rules 

  • The ball must be marked behind the line to be counted as a successful kick.
  • Each successful kick is recorded.
  • A time limit of 5 minutes will apply.
  • The ball must be kicked from behind the line for the kick to be successful.
  • Age groups and distances are as follows:-
  • Age 5/6  5m
    Age 7/8  10m
    Age 9-12 15m 

AFL Sprint

Setup a 50m sprint for your Auskickers to test their speed. Another option is to setup a series of relay races that focus more on participation than the results.

All other assessment categories on the Passport (kicking, handballing, chest mark, overhead mark and effort) can be made by viewing the participant throughout the duration of the program. It’s more about encouragement than actually rating their performance.

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