NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick

In the market for a home or business loan?

Take out a loan and help support your local Auskick centre through the NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick initiative.

When you secure a loan through the NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick initiative, a percentage of your loan’s value will be contributed to your local Auskick centre via Nexus Partners.

For those Auskick parents in the market for a loan, simply complete the online loan enquiry form.

What is the NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick initiative?

The NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick initiative is a national referral program, which has been established between the AFL and Nexus Partners, with a focus on supporting Auskick centres.

For every home, personal or business loan taken out by Auskick parents referred through their NAB AFL Auskick centre, the centre will receive a financial contribution via Nexus Partners.

For NAB AFL Auskick centres, as they are not-for-profit community groups, this is a great fundraising tool.  These funds will assist the centre in many ways, including the purchase of new equipment and facility upgrades.

What is the step by step process?

  1. AFL Auskick parent completes online enquiry form
  2. Nexus Partners, a third party referral agent, collect the online enquiry forms and where appropriate, pass those details and loan requirements onto a banker
  3. A banker will get in touch with the Auskick parent to discuss their requirements
  4. If the loan is suitable and approved, Nexus Partners will receive a commission from NAB and pay to the NAB AFL Auskick centre a financial contribution. You can discuss with your banker the amount, depending on your loan size.

How do you apply?

Simply follow the link below and complete the online enquiry form.

Following this, you will be contacted by a banker within five business days.

Online Loan Enquiry Form.