Girl’s Auskick is Taking Off

Well word is definitely spreading that GIRLS LOVE AUSKICK!!GIRLS IS TAKING OFF

Many Auskick Centres are now running a GIRLS’ GROUP and girls’ numbers have sky-rocketed as a result!

Why do girls love Auskick? Well, for the same reasons as the boys:

  • Auskick is great fun for girls too!

  • Girls love playing with their friends and making new friends;

  • Girls love being part of a group or team;

  • Girls love kicking goals just like the boys do!

So a GIRLS’ GROUP at Auskick is a great way for the girls to be included in Auskick while learning all about footy and socialising as well. Some girls may choose to be part of their age group (with the boys) but most girls prefer to be in the “girls only” group. It’s great to offer them both and let them choose!

Auskick Centres that run a GIRLS’ GROUP benefit as well:

  • Their Centre becomes more family-friendly by offering something for everyone;

  • More mums start getting involved in helping out and coaching at Auskick;

  • Many girls go on to play junior football as there is now a complete pathway for girls from Auskick to Girls’ Junior Football to Youth Girls’ Football and on to Women’s AFL!

For Auskick Centres wanting to run a GIRLS’ GROUP, here are five steps to follow:

  1. Find a motivated, passionate person to lead the GIRLS’ GROUP;

  2. Commit to running a GIRLS’ GROUP – don’t wait until you’ve got some girls registered; instead announce that you are running one and the girls will come!

  3. Spread the word! Flyers, posters, social media, school assembly, mums’ grapevine, emails … let the world know and the registrations will follow!

  4. Design and run fantastic and fun Auskick sessions that the girls just love!

  5. Run a ‘Bring a Friend’ Day, Pink Footy Day, Inter-Centre Grid Games, Mums v Girls Games and other special events to make the season fun and help your GIRLS’ GROUP grow!

So, spread the word: GIRLS LOVE AUSKICK!!