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Good health for kids means whole foods every day

Australia is a nation obsessed with food, but our daily dietary regimens are still off-track. It’s hard to know what’s important, especially when it comes to healthy eating for kids. While we might worry about limiting things like fat, carbohydrates and sugars, or whether we should be using nutritional supplements, we’re forgetting that nothing delivers nutritional benefit like natural, whole foods.

Aussie kids are not meeting their intake of the five healthy foods groups essential for good health – with vegetables and the dairy food group offering the most room for improvement. This is especially important for kids, who are still growing and learning eating habits that will set them up for life.

However, there is an unexpected hero to this story. Cheese contains a unique package of nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body which are also found in milk and yoghurt, and the good news is – it makes other foods taste great.

Dairy Australia Dietitian, Blake Robinson, says cheese is packed with the perfect combination of nutrients to help growing bones and muscles, and has extra benefits for active kids.

“Cheese is a source of high quality protein, which helps repair tired muscles after exercise. It also gives a huge calcium boost – important for kids who are building the bones mass they will rely on for life,” Blake says.

Dairy foods like cheese make up one of the five food groups recommended every day in the Australian Dietary Guidelines, however nine in 10 Australians aren’t getting enough.

Karen Martini, celebrity chef is an Australian cheese lover and is working with Dairy Australia to inspire women to get creative in the kitchen by cooking with this nutritional and delicious ingredient.

“We love Australian cheese in our family, and it’s the secret ingredient to many of our meals. It’s an easy way to add flavour and texture, makes green vegetables tastier and adds another dimension to seasonal salads,” Karen said.

“One block of cheese goes a long way which makes it a smart choice for the household; we enjoy cheddar in savoury muffins, on top of homemade burgers or pizzas, or as a snack on its own. It’s also delicious with some fresh or dried fruit,” Karen added.

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