This handbook is a resource for volunteer coaches at community centres, schools and junior clubs.

It is designed to assist those volunteers to follow the requirements of the AFL Auskick Policy easily and efficiently. It
aims to make a coach’s role clear to understand and assist with the delivery of program sessions.

A coach does not need any experience in AFL football or a coaching background. With this handbook and the information provided by the state managers, coaches will be able to plan and coordinate delivery of a successful AFL Auskick program.

A coordinators’ handbook has also been developed to accompany this resource for coaches. A number of coaches may fulfil both roles of the coordinator and coach, but these documents have been separated to assist with efficiency. This handbook is a practical resource for coaches while the coordinators’ handbook outlines the overall administrative requirements for the centre.

Coaches are encouraged to ensure that both they, and other coaches from their centre, take part in the coaching courses conducted by the state bodies on behalf of the AFL. This will make sure the standard of the program is at the highest possible level. At the very least an orientation course should be completed. Further details regarding these courses are found elsewhere in this manual.

Please also consult the coach’s section of www.aflauskick.com.au for regular updates and resources that can be downloaded for your use.

We hope that you use this handbook actively, photocopy pages, follow suggestions and at the end of it all, provide feedback to the AFL either through the game development network or by email to nab.auskick@afl.com.au.

We are sure you will enjoy your involvement in AFL Auskick – The Little Big Time – where memories that will last a lifetime are made.

AM 5525 Auskick Co-ordinators Handbook D2[1]