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Hi Kids,

Thanks for sending me your questions: here are some new answers from 2011. Keep those questions coming!

Q: What did you wish to be when you were a kid? (Ruby, NSW)

Joel's Answer

A fireman! Great question, Ruby. Thanks, Joel

Q: How many goals did you kick in 2011? (Bronte, NSW)

Joel's Answer

Hi Bronte, I only managed to kick 15 Goals this season. Thanks, Joel.

Q: Who is your toughest opponent and who was your favourite footballer as a kid? (Micah, WA)

Joel's Answer

Hi Micah, this year it was my little brother Scott who plays for West Coast. Gary Ablett was my favourite footballer. Thanks, Joel.

Q:  Can you give me some tips on how to kick long? (Rolf, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Rolf. Build the strength up in your legs, kick through the ball and keep your head over the ball. Good luck! Thanks, Joel.

Q: What is the most possesions you've had in a game? (Lloyd, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Lloyd... 43! Thanks, Joel.

Q: How much training do you do? (Jack, NSW)

Joel's Answer

Hi Jack, I train six days a week. Thanks, Joel.

Q: Have you ever scored a goal from a banana at 50? (Japheth, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Japheth, no, but I wish I did, maybe in the backyard! Thanks, Joel.

Q: Are Geelong  going to win the premiership in 2012? (Ricky, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Ricky, I sure hope so! Thanks, Joel.

Q: Who is your best mate down at Geelong? (Jayden, TAS)

Joel's Answer

Hi Jayden, I get along with all the boys, but am pretty close with Tom Hawkins as we were drafted together and we lived together in our first year at the Club. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What do I have to do to be a great player like you? (Andrew, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Andrew, To be a good player you need to work hard, listen to your coaches and train harder than your team-mates! Thanks, Joel.

Q: Is it hard playing against Chris Judd? (Saskia, WA)

Joel's Answer

Hi Saskia, yes, because he is the complete player. Thanks, Joel.

Q: Do you think you will ever be captain of Geelong?? (Mack, WA)

Joel's Answer

Hi Mack, I would love to be captain, but there are plenty of good leaders at Geelong. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What draft pick were you in the national draft in 2007? (Micah, WA)

Joel's Answer

Hi Micah, I was Pick 7 in the 2006 NAB AFL Draft. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What Do you like best about playing for Geelong? (Jenna, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Jenna, It feels like the whole town are behind you, which is a really good feeling. Thanks, Joel.

Q: How old were you when you first liked the Geelong Cats? (Emma, QLD)

Joel's Answer

Emma, I was  five years old. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What's the toughest thing you've done? (Dale, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Dale, it was playing kick-to-kick in my backyard with my two older brothers. Thanks, Joel.

Q: How many Grand Finals have you played in?  (Luke, VIC)

Joel's Answer

All together Luke,  I've played in four Grand Finals. Thanks, Joel.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters? (Michael, WA)

Joel's Answer

Hi Michael, I have three brothers, all having been listed with AFL clubs: two older brothers, twins Adam (playing with West Coast) and Troy (formerly of the Brisbane Lions and currently the Geelong VFL captain) and a younger brother, Scott (West Coast). Thanks, Joel.

Q: Who is your favourite player in your team (Kim, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Kim, they are all my favourites, but I love seeing Travis Varcoe light up the crowd. Thanks, Joel.

Q: Have you ever played on Matthew Pavlich, the Fremantle superstar? (Micah, WA)

Joel's Answer

No Micah, he is a bit too tall for me. Thanks, Joel.

Q: How many games have you played in the AFL?  (Kynan, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Kynan, I have played 114 AFL games. Thanks, Joel.

Q: How did you feel when Gary Ablett left Geelong and who do you think is the best player in the competition? (Eddie, SA)

Joel's Answer

Eddie, I was sad to see Gary leave the Club. It's hard to say who the best player is, but Gary is certainly up there! Thanks, Joel.

Q: What is your favourite position? (Mason, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Mason, I like the midfield. Thanks for your question, Joel.

Q: What do you eat for lunch, breakfast and dinner? (James, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi James, It varies from day to day, but my favourite meal is a roast. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What is the best thing about playing AFL? (Phoenix, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Phoenix, being able to do something you love! Thanks, Joel.

Q: How old were you when you started playing footy? (Hope, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi Hope, I was five years old when I first picked up a footy. Thanks, Joel.

Q: What did it feel like to win a premiership in your first season? (Joel, TAS)

Joel's Answer

Hi Joel, it was a little bit surreal but very exciting! Thanks, Joel.

Q: What kind of food do you eat to stay fit and healthy and build muscles? (William, VIC)

Joel's Answer

Hi William, I eat lots of lean meat, plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to stay away from fatty foods! Thanks, Joel.

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