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Joel Selwood, NAB Ambassador

Hi Kids,

When I was a NAB Auskicker back in Bendigo, I used to wake up every Saturday morning full of energy and ready to head down to my local centre. Like many kids, I used to dream of being an AFL player and through hard work and dedication here I am today!

Whether you dream of becoming an AFL player or just enjoy quality time catching up with your friends, NAB AFL Auskick is great way to start out.

Marking - Part One (Chest Marking)

Some important things to remember when taking chest marks are:

  1. Keep your eyes on the ball
  2. Keep your elbows against your body then curl your arms around the ball
  3. Jump into the ball, don't wait for it to come to you
  4. Do not try to grab the ball too hard as it may slip out

"Keep you eyes on the ball..."


Instructions for using your right hand (left handed auskickers use opposite):

  1. Place the ball on a flat palm
  2. Point the ball in the direction or towards the target you want the ball to go to
  3. Place your left foot forward
  4. With a clinched fist, hit the ball just above the point so that the ball spins backwards (end over end)
  5. After you hit the ball, catch your fist with your palm

"Good Luck! And stay tuned for more tips..."

Torpedo Kick

Instructions for right footers (left footers - use opposite)

  1. Angle the ball across your right thigh approx 45 degrees, staying nice and relaxed
  2. Guide the ball with your right hand
  3. At contact, the ball should hit your foot at an angle of approx 45 degrees.
  4. Point your toe and follow through
  5. If you have made good contact the ball will fly beautifully through the air

"Good Luck! And keep practicing..."

Drop Punt
  1. Point the nose of the football down towards your kicking foot
  2. Try and kick the ball with the laces on your shoe
  3. Guide the ball with the same hand as your kicking foot
  4. Remember to follow through and point your toe straight out

"Good Luck! And keep practicing, the Drop Punt is a great kick in football..."

Kicking Straight
  1. Grip the ball with your thumbs on the lace and your fingers down the side
  2. Point the nose of the football down towards your kicking foot
  3. Try and kick the ball with the laces on your shoe
  4. Guide the ball with the same hand as your kicking foot
  5. Remember to follow through and point your toe straight out

The Tackle

A Good Tackle

The tackler targets the opponent's body between the knees and chest. The tackler stops the movement of the opponent who has the ball and brings the player to the ground.

A Bad Tackle

The tackler fails to stop the movement of the player holding the ball and the player is able to complete the passage of play.

While attempting to stop the opposing player's movement, the tackler makes contact above the players shoulders. This results in a free kick against the tackler.

Things to remember when taking a tackle:

  1. Target the body region between the knees and chest
  2. Timing - make sure the player you tackle has the ball
  3. Technique - use your body weight and strength
  4. Try to avoid giving away a free-kick

Tackling is important in a game of Australian Rules. Unlike rugby, you can be tackled front on, side and from the back which can create for some amazing hard hits but also some dangerous tackles so its important that you tackle correctly.

Steps to tackle side on

  • Run at them and watch the hips
  • Spread your arms and aim for the hips
  • Try and grab both (or one) arm(s)

If possible, try and drop the person your tackling by rolling them and not getting into their back.

"Good Luck with your football, and keep enjoying yourself!"

Marking - Part Two (Overhead Mark)

Some important tips when taking an overhead mark:

  1. The number one rule in taking a mark is to keep your eyes on the ball.
  2. Your body should be directly behind the ball
  3. Jump towards the ball as it comes within reach. Timing is very important
  4. While using one leg to push off, the other knee should be raised as this will give you some protection
  5. Your fingers should be spread as wide apart as possible. This will help the ball to stick in your hands

Goal kicking

Having a shot on goal under pressure:

Today I am going to share with you five basic points for kicking a goal while under pressure.

  1. Make sure you know how much space you have around you. There is nothing worse than getting caught with the ball
  2. Consider all options. Is there a better option down the field rather than a running shot at goal? Running goals are a lot harder than set shots
  3. Make sure you are balanced and know you can make the distance
  4. Line up the goals
  5. Kick through the ball. A lot of players miss running goals because they don't kick through the ball, they just stab at it

Steps to Kick a Snap

  1. Hold the football horizontal in between your hands
  2. Guide the football down onto your foot with your hand
  3. Outside part of the football hits the tongue area of your boot

Steps to kick a banana/ check side kick

  1. Place your guiding hand (hand that guides ball onto foot) near the top of football
  2. Other hand opposite side and near bottom of football.
  3. Ball should be placed at a 45 degree angle
  4. Guiding hand guides ball to foot
  5. The half of the football nearest to you hits the foot
  6. Follow through with foot

Bouncing the Ball

One of the fastest ways to transport the ball from side of the field to the other is to run with the ball but bouncing a round ball every 15 meters requires skill.

When the ground is wet and the ball will NOT bounce back at you, you are allowed to touch the ball down on the ground with it in your hands.

Steps on how to bounce the football

  • Hold the ball as you would kick a drop punt.
  • With your guiding (dominant) hand guide the ball to the ground.
  • The top bottom part of the ball should hit the ground.
  • The ball should be aimed in front of you so when you run, it will bounce back to

Marking - Part Three (Taking a Mark on the Lead)

I am going to share a few tips with you about taking a mark on the lead. When leading for the ball make sure who ever is kicking to you can see you - have your arm raised.

  1. Run towards your teammate
  2. When the ball is getting close, spread your fingers and make sure your thumbs are behind the ball
  3. As you are about to mark the ball, get your body behind the ball and keep watching the ball
  4. Once you have taken the mark turn around quickly and pass to your mate down the field
  5. As you improve try to mark the ball with your arms fully extended


Ruckwork is one of the unique plays of Australian Football, it consists of two men running into each other and knocking the ball to their team mate when the game restarts.

It is normally played by tall players (6.5 or taller) but the skills of tapping the ball is handy to learn by everyone as it allows you to knock/ tap the ball from a contest to the advantage of your team.

Steps on how to Ruck and tap the ball

  • Your aim is to reach the ball before your opposition ruck man
  • When the umpire bounces/ throws the ball watch the ball
  • Jump to met the ball when it reaches its high point
  • Use your hands to reach and tap ball to your teams advantage
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