Lesson Plans

Rookie and Pro

To ensure everyone gets the most out of the NAB AFL Auskick program, participants are split into two groups: ‘Rookie’ and ‘Pro’:

ROOKIE: 5 – 8 years
PRO: 9 – 12 years
The NAB AFL Auskick Rookie program is where it all starts. Children from ages five to eight learn the fundamental skills required to participate in Australian football. The NAB AFL Auskick Pro program encourages children to build on the skills they’ve learned throughout the Rookie program.
Rookie sessions usually consist of a warm up, followed by skill activities designed to improve and familiarise participants with the necessary skills of the game. Simulated match activities and drills offer children a more advanced and challenging environment to test their drop punts, handpasses and marks.
Weekly sessions end in a modified game where children can hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment. Modified match practice is a feature of the NAB AFL Auskick Pro sessions and is important in preparing children for the progression to the next step in the AFL pathway: AFL Junior.

Lesson Plans

Download lesson plans for a sequence of activities, including warm ups, skill activities, games and recommended AFL Auskick Rules matches (such as nine-a-side).

When using assistants or helper coaches it is worthwhile printing the materials required for each to use.

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