NAB and AFL Auskick – Coordinators

As a longstanding partner of the AFL, NAB are committed to not just sponsoring the game, but to growing it. NAB has been Footifying Australia for over ten years through NAB AFL Auskick, the NAB AFL Rising Stars Program and NAB Challenge. In many ways, they have supported some of the AFL’s greats from the grassroots up, whilst growing the game in all corners of our great country (not just on the big stage).

NAB’s partnership with Auskick continues to provide much needed support to over 180,000 participants and 20,000 volunteers, involved at the 3,000 centres around the country. Each year, NAB runs programs to reward and assist volunteers and centres.

To find out more about each of these exciting programs and how your centre can benefit click on the links below, there are also some simple resources and “how to” guides that you can download.


2015 NAB Initiatives

Please follow the link below to see a snapshot of NAB’s initiatives that you and your centre can get involved with, and benefit from:

2015 NAB Initiatives – Overview


NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick

Help support your local NAB AFL Auskick centre when you take out a loan through the NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick Initiative.
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NAB AFL Auskick Free-Kick “How To” Guide :  A guide to making the most of NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick
NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick Flyer  &  Poster: NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick Flyer and poster to help promote the initiative (able to customise for your centre)


NAB AFL Auskick Local Activity Fund

Each year, NAB employees have access to apply for funding through NAB’s Local Activity Fund, providing much-needed additional support to AFL.
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NAB AFL Auskick Local Activity Fund “How To” Guide : A guide to making the most of the NAB AFL Auskick Local Activity Fund


NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year

Would your NAB AFL Auskicker like to be part of the 2015 Toyota AFL Grand Final? NAB is on the search for 22 of the most Footified Auskickers to receive an unforgettable Grand Final experience.
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Additional Tools & Resources

Please see below additional resources that you can download and use.

  • NAB Programs – Key Messages for Parents  : Dot point messages to easily copy & paste into your weekly newsletters or communications to parents to promote NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick & NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year
  • 2015 NAB Star of the Week Certificate : Online copy of the NAB Star of the Week certificates, if you have run out of your allocation please print and award to NAB AFL Auskickers at your centre each week