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Parent coaches

Becoming actively involved in the NAB AFL Auskick program is a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children. 

An easy way to do this is to jump in and become a helper coach. No prior knowledge or experience is required just a willingness to give the leader coach a helping hand. 

You can also complete a simple level O coaching course online over the holidays – click here for more details: (

The following information aims to provide all parents with a basic introduction to coaching. These basic coaching tips, coupled with parenting skill already developed, will allow parents to effectively manage a small group of children and to deliver the activities outlined in the coaching manual under the guidance of the leader coach.

Tips for taking activities
  • Keep children active at all times. The easiest way to accomplish this is by avoiding long queues and having ample equipment (no more than six children in a line)
  • Maximise the practical work time – less instruction and more activity
  • Maximise the use of footballs (at least one between two children wherever possible)
  • Minimise the time moving between activities – ensure you have equipment set up and provide clear instructions
  • If your activity is not working as you planned, adapt it to achieve the desired results
Group coaching

AFL Auskick coaches will be required to teach children in groups. In order to do this smoothly and efficiently, coaches will need to position themselves so they are seen and heard by all participants. They will also need to establish boundaries within which the program will operate.

Formations for group coaching

Coaches need to establish appropriate formations for group instruction and practice. A good formation for coaching is one that:

  • Enables the coach to see and hear all the players and vice versa
  • Is quickly and easily formed
  • Minimises distractions - away from extraneous noise and other movement, out of the wind or sun if these are a distraction
  • Is used regularly so children are familiar with it and how and where to set it up
Handy hints
  • Have children sit down
  • All eyes on the coach – no one behind the coach
  • Small children to the front, taller children to the back
  • Coach to face the sun
  • Coach to speak with the wind behind them
  • Use your whistle sparingly- but USE it!
  • Minimise distractions by assembling away from other noise or something going on behind the coach
  • Ask random questions to keep them focused
  • Remember not to speak too long – two points/30 secs will do
  • Don't overdo regulation
  • Try to strike a balance between freedom and direction
  • Maintain order by establishing clearly what is expected in regard to:
    • Behaviour
    • Sportsmanship
    • Punctuality
    • Cooperation
  • Explain to players consequences of action (if old enough) and reasoning behind each of the rules
  • Use parents/adults to assist in this process
  • Be consistent and follow through with consequences to a child's actions
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