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AFL Auskick WatchAFL Auskick Watch is an initiative aimed at preventing harm or danger to children attending NAB AFL Auskick programs. Based on the Neighbourhood Watch program, the initiative involves selected parents or guardians being given the responsibility of observing nominated groups of children.


The coordinator must implement and maintain levels of supervision and care throughout the centre, and coordinate socially acceptable behaviour and interaction between parents and children.

The role of the group carer involves:

  • Keeping all members of the group accounted for
  • Assisting the coach in keeping the children on task
  • Directing children to parents when required
  • Coordinating children to get to and from activities area safely during drink breaks
  • Providing extra supervision of the group and encouraging parents to assist
  • Being vigilant of the surrounding area and any unusual situation that may occur
  • Ensuring parents collect their children after sessions

Committees are encouraged to formalise procedures or centre rules to  safeguard children from harmful or dangerous situations.

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