Participant Pack Details

Once registered with NAB AFL Auskick for the 2017 Season, each participant will receive a ‘Participant Pack’ with everything they will need to get started on their AFL Season. The pack each participant receives is based on the program they have registered for.

Please find explanation below:

  • School Programs

    • Please see State/Territory FAQs for pack items

  • Community/Club NAB AFL Auskick

Please note that there are two types of Auskick packs that can be selected in 2017: New participant pack and returning participant pack. This selection is made at point of registration.

  • New Participant Pack: new Auskick participants will receive everything they need to start their football journey including: Backpack, NAB AFL Auskick size 1 football, football pump, personalised door sign (with their club of support), bag tag (club of support whilst stocks last), Select football card album and pack of footy cards.

2017 NAB AFL Auskick - New Participant Pack

  • Returning Participant Pack: participants who have already completed one year of NAB AFL Auskick will be eligible for a returning participant pack. This pack include: NAB AFL Auskick size 1 football, football pump, footy cards, bag tag (club of support whilst stocks last), personalised lunch box (club of support branded) and club of support t-shirt (please note due to high demand there may be some delay in receiving your t-shirt based on demand)

2017 NAB AFL Auskick - Returning pack