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Game Day Live 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain Game Day Live tickets.

To be eligible for the complimentary ticket offer you need to have registered and paid online through the NAB AFL Auskick Website www.aflauskick.com.au. If you have done so, you will be contacted by AFL Game Day around mid-May with details on how you can claim your tickets.

You will receive two adult tickets and two children’s tickets for each participant you register. Please note that although we will endeavour to offer tickets for a game involving the child’s team of support, this cannot be guaranteed.

Your tickets will be downloaded as a PDF file.

They are not automatically sent to your printer.  Tickets must be downloaded prior to 4:00pm on the Thursday prior to the match. Tickets must also be printed and taken to the match as this is your entry to the game.

I clicked on the “Print” button for my ticket, but nothing happens.
Please check the top of the page as a header may have popped up saying “Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer”, you need to right-click message and select “Download File”, then save the PDF file.

I’m unable to log into the account with the ID and password provided?
The account ID and password are case-sensitive and must be typed, not copy/pasted in order to proceed with your ticket redemption.

I forgot my password.
Please click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page below the login fields to generate a temporary password and have it sent to your email address.

My password says “Personal PIN”.
This indicates that your password has previously been adjusted.  For security purposes, Ticketmaster cannot email passwords that have been changed by the user.  Please click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page below the login fields to generate a temporary password and have it sent to your email address.  Contact the AFL Game Day help desk if your temporary password does not arrive within 15 minutes.

My online account has been locked, how can this be re-activated?
Please contact the AFL Game Day help desk for assistance with unlocking the account: aflgameday@afl.com.au

My tickets were not attached to the confirmation email.  Will the tickets be sent via email?  Will the confirmation email allow me to enter the ground?
Your tickets will be downloaded as a PDF file and will not be sent via email. The confirmation email is a transaction record only, and this will NOT grant you entry to the ground.

If you completed the redemption process, however your tickets did not download, please click this https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/afladmin3/EN/account/login which will take you to the online account home page, log back into your account and from here your will be able to ‘manage your tickets’ following a similar procedure to download your PDF tickets straight from your account.

My computer indicates that the PDF file may contain a virus.
The PDF file that contains your tickets does not have a virus; this is a security precaution to ensure that you are aware that you are downloading a file from the Internet.

I want to print tickets to a match, but the match isn’t online?
The complimentary tickets must be printed BEFORE 4:00pm on the Thursday prior to the match you wish to attend.

How do I know if I am entitled to complimentary tickets?
Participants must have registered and paid online for NAB AFL Auskick prior to your states specified cut-off date to be eligible for complimentary tickets.

For confirmation of these dates please contact the AFL Game Day help desk for assistance: aflgameday@afl.com.au

Where is the seating allocated for these tickets?         
The complimentary tickets are General Admission tickets and seating is not reserved. You will need to find your own seating within the General Admission areas – seating is on a first-in best-dressed basis.

How do I purchase additional tickets so that family/friends can sit with us?
You will need additional General Admission tickets.  Tickets can be purchased on the day of the game at the venue or in advance online or via phone.  For pricing information at each venue, go to the following link:


  • MCG: Ticketek – 132 849

  • Etihad Matches: Ticketmaster – 136 100

  • ANZ Stadium: Ticketek – 132 849

  • SCG: Ticketek – 132 849

  • Spotless Stadium: Ticketmaster – 136 100

  • Gabba: Ticketmaster – 136 100

  • Startrack Oval: Ticketek – 132 849

Can General Admission tickets be purchased on match days?
Yes, subject to availability tickets can be purchased from any ticket window.

Which gates can I enter?

  • MCG the public gates are located at Gates 1, 3, 4 and 5.

  • Etihad Stadium enter through any gate

  • Gabba the public gates are located at Gates 2,7,9

  • ANZ Stadium enter through gate O

  • SCG the public gates are B, C, D and E

  • Spotless Stadium the public gates are located at Gates D or A

  • Startrack Oval the public gates are Main Gate and East Gate

I had already printed the tickets for a match, but it turned out we were unable to attend, therefore are we able to swap these?
If your complimentary offer includes an alternate match, and you have NOT attended the match, you will still be eligible to print tickets for your alternate match.

Do I need to register these tickets before I attend?
No, these are active tickets.  All you need to do is print your PDF tickets and bring these physical tickets to the ground for entry.

How old is a junior?

  • Children aged 6-14 as at 1 January 2015 are eligible to utilise a junior ticket

  • Children aged 5 and under as at 1 January 2015 are entitled to enter the ground at no charge; however they must not occupy a seat

Can I use an adult ticket for a junior?
Yes, you can use an adult ticket for a junior.

Can these tickets be upgraded to reserve seating?
The complimentary tickets are unable to be upgraded to reserved seating for any match throughout the season.

What happens if the match is fully ticketed/reserved seating only?
You will be notified via email in the unlikely event that a match is a sell-out.  We will attempt to notify you via email as soon as it is confirmed.  The complimentary tickets need to be cancelled and we also will have updates posted on our website.

Can I print two tickets to one match and two tickets for another match?
Yes, you are able to print two tickets for one match and then two tickets for another that has been offered to you.  You may utilise your four complimentary tickets in any variation you wish.

I have more than one child registered for Auskick.
Each child is provided with a unique account ID and password.  You will be able to access each child’s tickets via their own email.  If you have not received an email for a child, please email your state representative.

I have been offered complimentary tickets for one of my children, but not the other(s).  Are they also entitled?
Please email the AFL Game Day help desk.  Once we establish whether or not the other junior(s) registered before the cut-off date, we will be able to organise the complimentary tickets.

I have lost my tickets, can these be re-issued?
Please click this https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/afladmin3/EN/account/login which will take you to the online account home page, log back into your account and from here your will be able to ‘manage your tickets’ following a similar procedure to download your PDF tickets straight from your account.

For any further queries please email the AFL Game Day help desk – aflgameday@afl.com.au

What is the cost?

The cost of the club based Auskick program in Queensland is $75. These programs generally run between 6-10 weeks dependent on local circumstances.
Club Auskick centers accept online only payment via the Auskick website.

The cost of the traditional school based Auskick program in Queensland is $75. These programs generally run between 6 weeks but may be up to 8 weeks dependent on local circumstances.

Some School based centers do accept cash/cheque payments. Please contact your AFL coordinator if you have any questions.

Some regions in Queensland will offer a modified program offering which is $30 for a reduced pack and a 4 week program. This program is only available at selected schools in specific regions.


Where is my nearest centre?

If you visit the NAB AFL Auskick website www.aflauskick.com.au and click on the register button it will take you to the centre locator. From here you will be able to enter your postcode to view a list of the closest centres operating in your area with all of the relevant contact details and start times. If you know the name of the centre you are looking for you can also type in the name of the centre.

When does Auskick start?

If the starting date is not listed on the centre locator it is in the process of being organised at a local level.

Please contact the centre coordinator or regional manager listed on the centre locator for up to date information.



What can I expect at Auskick

An example of what you can expect at a typical Auskick session includes:

– Welcome

– Warm up games/activities

– Skills i.e. Kicking, marking, handballing, bouncing

– Skill games/modified game

– Wrap-Up and departure

What age can kids play?

The NAB AFL Auskick program is for primary school aged children 5 to 12.

(Children must turn at least 5 in the calendar year to participate)

What should kids wear to Auskick?

There is no set uniform for Auskick sessions. Kids at school based centres often wear their school uniform however kids are welcome to change into general sports clothing and either runners or football boots. Many kids also like to wear their favourite team’s colours and jumpers.

Who delivers the Auskick sessions?

Each centre is run by a qualified AFL coach. Kids love participating with their parents and we encourage all parents to get involved in the program. No experience with AFL is necessary.

How long does an Auskick session run for?

Sessions will vary on their length depending on your centre. Community NAB AFL Auskick centres will run for 60-90 minutes in duration.

Can I pay cash on my first day of Auskick?

The preferred payment method for the Auskick program is via credit/debit card and payment can be made by visiting www.aflauskick.com.au. Some centres are promoted as online payment only whereas some school based centres accept cash payments at the first session. If you are unsure please contact your local coordinator for more information.

I’m having trouble paying online

To pay online please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the AFL Auskick website and click on “register”

  1. If you have already registered but wish to make payment, click the “Pay” button

  1. Enter your Auskick number and your password

  1. A green box with “Pay Now” should appear, click on this an follow the steps to complete your payment

  1. If problems persist please try using another web browser before contacting your state office.

Refund Policy – QLD

If you wish to cancel your NAB AFL Auskick registration you must contact NAB AFL Auskick via email (aflauskick@afl.com.au). Please note refunds will not be given if the participant has attended more than 50% of scheduled Auskick sessions or they have utilised a ‘special offer’ such as a Half Time Match Experience during the Toyota Premiership Season or NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year weekly winner.

In order to receive a refund, the football and participant pack must be returned to AFL Queensland. A $10 fee will be deducted from all refunds for processing, handling, and supply of the participants pack. Please note once a refund has been provided the participant is no longer able to attend the NAB AFL Auskick program.

When submitting your refund request to aflauskick@afl.com.au please provide the following information:

  • Participant Name

  • Participant Date of Birth

  • Centre/Club the participant is registered in

Upon receipt of this information we will provide you with a refund form for return via email.  All refunds will be made via EFT within 7 – 10 business days provided that we have all of the necessary information for processing.

How can I re-print my registration form?

You can re-print your registration form by following the steps below:

1. Go to the AFL Auskick website and click on register

2. Click on update/pay

3. Enter your Auskick number and password

4. Click “Printable form” and then print out the resulting page to take with you to your centre.

Can I still register mid-way through the season?

Auskick centres run throughout the year. You are more than welcome to join in a centre half way through the program, alternatively you can ring your Auskick coordinator and discuss centres that will be starting in the near future. If you are not sure about your local centre please use the centre locator on the homepage.

I can’t find my child’s Auskick number and/or password

Please visit the www.aflauskick.com.au website and click on the register button. Click Re-register and then you will have the opportunity to click “forgotten your NAB AFL Auskick number and/or password” this will allow for an email to be sent through to you with new details to allow you to complete the registration process.

My email address has changed and I can’t logon

Please email NAB.Auskick@afl.com.au to retrieve your NAB AFL Auskick number.

I am filling out the registration form but when I click “Next” nothing happens

If the registration form isn’t proceeding to the next page, often one of the questions hasn’t been correctly answered. Any unanswered fields should have red text above it outlining that the question hasn’t been answered.

Once all fields have been completed you will be able to proceed to the next page.

Can I pay for my children in one transaction rather than separately?

Yes, at the start of the registration process it will ask you to select the number of children you are registering. Simply select multiple children which will allow you to pay for all at once.

I can’t select my school on the registration form

All schools should be on the list. Please ensure that the correct full name is entered including any apostrophes. If your school isn’t included on the list you will be able to select the “can’t find my school” option which will allow you to proceed.

My child is in kindergarten, how can I select a school on the registration form?

You will see on the online registration form under the “Find School” option, there is a NOTE advertising to search on “Kindergarten” within your state. This means you can type the word “kindergarten” into the text box provided, ensuring that your state is selected from the drop down menu and then click “Find”. An option should generate for you to select and proceed through the registration form.

Can I make a change to the type of pack I am getting?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot change the type of pack you are getting. We have to stay within the allocated pack types.

How long will it take to receive my pack?

Packs at school based centres are handed out usually between weeks 2-6 of the program once registrations are finalised. If you are registered at a club/community based centre that offers direct shipping of the pack, you should receive an email with the date of the delivery. Please allow up to 10 working days from the date indicated on the email for the pack to be delivered. If the pack doesn’t arrive after those 21 working days please send through relevant information for us to follow up. Please note, our first deliveries will begin mid February.

Can I change the shipping address after I have paid for my pack?

Unfortunately no. Our production process is automated and the order information travels with the registration as it is being created. Please make sure you enter your postal address when completing your NAB AFL Auskick registration.

doesn’t arrive after the 21 working days what should I do?

Please send through your participant’s full name, date of birth and Auskick centre to NAB.Auskick@afl.com.au and we will follow it up and get back to you.

Is there an Auskick centre that caters for special needs kids?

We recommend you contact your local NAB AFL Auskick centre to see if they can specifically cater for your child’s needs. For further assistance please contact NAB.Auskick@afl.com.au

I registered late in the season so do I need to pay again next year?

The Auskick registration fee is a one off payment for the calendar year and it cannot be rolled over from one year to another. If you join a centre late during the year, please talk to the Auskick coordinator to see if there are any other programs operating later in the year nearby.

Half Time Auskick opportunities

Unfortunately not all Auskickers are able to participate in half time matches each year. We offer the opportunity first to our participants at our club based Auskick centres that run in Term 1 each year.

Please note that positions are limited to participate at either the Gabba or Metricon Stadium, playing at half time is a privledge to those who get the opportunity.

For any questions regaring the process please contact NAB.Auskick@afl.com.au


Which Auskickers get to play on Grand Final Day?

NAB, the NAB AFL Auskick program’s major sponsor, select an NAB AFL Auskicker of the Week for 22 weeks across the season.

NAB contact the winners each week directly and it is these winners who go on to participate on Grand Final day and present the medals to the players.

The opportunity to register for the competition is open to all participants in the program and with over 175,000 participants across the country a large number register for the opportunity so with only 22 participants lucky enough to be selected it is as you can imagine a very popular competition. NAB make contact directly with winners a week or two out from when they are announced on Friday nights during the Channel 7 telecast.

I am interested in sponsorship with Auskick:

The main sponsor for the Auskick program is NAB, along with a network of other sponsors. Applications for sponsorship would need to go through AFL Head Office.