Auskicker of the Week

Round 13 Nominee: Aiden Ritter

Round 13 Nominee – 2011 NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year

This week’s nominee is Aiden Ritter from Victoria.

Nominee Details

Nominee Name: Aiden Ritter
Nominee Auskick Centre: Mount Evelyn
State: Victoria

Application Details

Age: 7
Favourite Team: Carlton
Favourite Player: Andrew Walker

Why should Aiden be the 2011 NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year?

Aiden is completely obsessed with football.

The only time he isn’t playing with a football is when he is sleeping.

Aiden has proven to be a popular figure within the local Auskick community, not only for his amazing skills, but also for his appreciation and respect of all the parents, coaches and volunteers.

Aiden has developed into the ultimate team player and contributor.

He has demonstrated skills that far exceed his age and to his credit he has embraced the spirit of good sportsmanship and many of the other benefits that the NAB AFL Auskick program provides.

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