Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Terms and Conditions


1. Thank you for volunteering to be your NAB AFL Auskick Centre Coordinator for 2017 (Coordinator). By contributing as a Coordinator you will be making an important contribution to your local community and the health and wellbeing of participants and other volunteers at your NAB AFL Auskick Centre (Centre).

2. The responsibilities required as a Coordinator are set out in this document:

3. Please ensure you read this document, because by agreeing to the following terms and conditions (Terms), continuing to volunteer as your Centre’s Coordinator and continuing to use your SportsTG/Footyweb passport, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


4. As the Centre Coordinator you will have access to certain personal information about your Centre participants and other volunteers which may include sensitive information and medical information (Personal Information).

You agree to:
a. protect the personal information of all participants and volunteers;

b. not share any personal information with anyone else, except medical conditions with assigned coaches as required and with AFL staff if required;

c. not make or keep copies of the personal information; and

d. use any personal information only as is necessary to coordinate activities at your Centre and not for personal gain.

5. As Centre Coordinator you may want to add Admin users to your Centre’s SportsTG/Footyweb database.

If you do so, you agree:
a. to be responsible for ensuring the additional users each have an individual username and password, and each agree to the same requirements as paragraph 4; and

b. if any user no longer requires access to your Centre’s database you agree to take all necessary steps to revoke their access to your Centre’s database.

6. You agree that the AFL may collect, use and store your Personal Information in accordance with the AFL & AFL Club Privacy Policy.

Media and promotion (including social media)

7. We encourage you to promote your Centre’s activities. In doing this you agree to ensure such promotion is carried out in accordance with the requirements in paragraphs 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, and you will ensure parents, participants and other volunteers understand these requirements.

8. Posting photographs of your Centre’s participants or volunteers online is an example of using that person’s personal information. Permission must be sought from the relevant volunteer or participant (and participant’s parents) prior to using any such photograph.

9. You acknowledge that all copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in NAB AFL Auskick and related logos or other indicia belong to the AFL and/or third parties. Nothing in these Terms grants you a right or licence to use any logo, trade mark, design right or copyright owned or controlled by the AFL or any other third party (Logo). If you would like to use a Logo for promotion of your Centre you must first seek approval through AFL Brandzone.

10. You agree to use your best endeavours to ensure the AFL, NAB AFL Auskick and applicable sponsors (including NAB), are represented positively in all promotion (including on social media).

11. You must not post material that is offensive, obscene, disparaging, defamatory, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, hateful, racist, sexist, infringes copyright, constitutes a contempt of court, breaches a court suppression order, or is otherwise unlawful.

12. You agree to monitor your Centre’s social media accounts (if applicable) and report any inappropriate content to your Regional Staff member or State/Territory NAB AFL Auskick Manager.

Working with children checks (WWCC)

13. By volunteering as your Centre’s Coordinator you acknowledge and agree:

a. you have either a current, valid WCCC or a current, valid teacher’s registration or Police Identification;

b. your WWCC or teacher’s registration (as applicable) is linked to your NAB AFL Auskick State/Territory so that notices regarding that WWCC or teacher’s registration (as applicable) are sent to your State/Territory NAB AFL Auskick Manager.

14. Depending on the governance structure of your Centre you may also be required to manage, coordinate or otherwise administer the WWCC and teacher’s registration (as applicable) for any other coaches or volunteers at your Centre in accordance with applicable State/Territory laws.


15. As the Centre Coordinator you may be handling money on behalf of your Centre’s participants, or fundraising/canteen money. You hold this money on trust for your Centre’s participants, to be used only for the purpose it is provided to you, i.e. all monies collected by the Centre must be reinvested into the Centre. You agree to handle any moneys in your control (including equipment vouchers, grants) in accordance with accepted standards of financial governance and accounting including:

a. using money (or vouchers) only for the purpose it is provided to you;

b. where possible, using electronic funds transfer for all transactions;

c. if your Centre has a bank account, requiring at least two signatories to release funds from that account (and ensuring the signatories are not related to each other, from the same family or otherwise in a relationship); You may be required to supply the name so the signatories of the bank accounts to your Regional Development staff member or State/Territory Auskick Manager

d. keeping appropriate records of all transactions you make for or on behalf of your Centre or your Centre’s participants and other volunteers; and

e. paying all local government fees relating to the use of your Centre’s venue (if applicable).

16. NAB AFL Auskick is an AFL program, and the AFL may at any time request you to provide your Centre’s financial records including up to date bank account statements, financial reports or other financial records as required for auditing and integrity purposes.

Risk and insurance

17. The AFL has a comprehensive insurance policy with JLT which applies to certain accidents or incidents which may occur at your Centre. To ensure this insurance is effective you agree to the following requirements concerning risk management at your Centre.

18. As the Centre Coordinator you acknowledge and agree that with the running of your Centre’s activities at your Centre’s location you are representing to the AFL that the location and facilities being used are safe to be used for those activities.

19. As the Centre’s Coordinator you acknowledge and agree that you have primary responsibility for managing the risks associated with running the activities at your Centre, including:

a. ensuring that your Centre’s activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations;

b. ensuring that any equipment used at your Centre is safe, and is used in a safe manner by all other coaches, volunteers and participants;

c. taking all reasonable steps to manage all other reasonably foreseeable risks associated with your Centre’s activities; and

d. reporting any incidents or accidents at your Centre to the Regional staff member or State/Territory NAB AFL Auskick Manager as soon as is practically possible after they occur.

20. Depending on the governance structure of your Centre you may also be required to enter into a licence or other agreement with your local council in respect of your centre’s use of council lands.

Further Information

21. For further information on being a Centre Coordinator, please read the Coordinator handbook.